Incense Cones

Premium quality at a low price

Long-burning (over 1/2 hour burn time), strong scented incense cones

incense cones

Please read this important notice:
Our current stock of incense is now being sold in bulk packs. Every pack we have is individually listed here. The number of incense cones in each pack varies and so does the price. There is only one (1) pack of each item listed.

Should you order something that is not available, you will be contacted or simply refunded.

Incense Scent
and Price:
# of Cones
in Pack:
There is only one (1) of each item available

Black Coconut - $5.99 100
Black Coconut - $5.99 100
Green Tea - $5.99 100
Green Tea - $5.99 100
Strawberry - $5.99 100
Vanilla - $5.99 100

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